How to Start a Lunchtime Delivery Food Service?

Do you like working in the food industry but you already work another job? Or do you need a part-time job that will make you earn a lot? Well, this job is to start a lunchtime delivery food service.
Let’s imagine your day at this job. You will prepare the food in the morning, deliver the orders after noon and you can go to your second job or do whatever you want.
Let’s see how to start a lunchtime delivery food service.

1. Licenses:
You need two licenses to be able to start your business; general business license and a food-vending license. Some areas require an additional license called a food-handling permit. Make sure to have all the licenses needed before starting to avoid being closed. Call the local department of licenses and ask them for all the information that you need. Also your local health department will give you all the information about the food-vending license and the food-handling permit.


2. Your location:
You will deliver meals but where are you going to prepare them? This question will be asked by the local department of health to make sure that you meet the standards. Typically, there are two places that you can use to start your business; commercial kitchen or at home.
Preparing and packaging your meals at home is not easy as it seems. The local department of health will order you to have a separate kitchen and bathroom for the business.

3. Insurance:
Imagine that someone got ill after a meal of yours and he decided to file a case against you. What will you do? This situation will happen; it is inevitable. Be safe and have a small business insurance policy to secure your business. Search for insurance companies that make good offers for small businesses and sign a policy that protects you and business completely.

4. Equipment and Supplies:
The following equipment and supplies are essential for your business.
• A vehicle. You can start with your vehicle if you have a good, large one. You can’t use a small vehicle as you will not have the proper space for your meals.
• Insulated containers. They will keep the food hot until you deliver it to your customers.
• Carrying devices. These will help you transport multiple meals from your vehicle to your customers.
• You need to build up a relationship between you and a lot of vendors. You will need to have a vendor to supply you with the food you need and vendors to supply you with condiments, packaging materials, napkins and paper towels, sanitation supplies and disposable eating utensils.

5. Marketing:
Put an advertisement in your local newspaper. Distribute some fliers, business cards, menus and discount coupons mainly on the companies and offices at your area.


6. Take orders:
It is essential to be available to take orders. Having at least one mobile phone for the business is essential as if a customer called and you didn’t reply, you will not just lose this customer but also he/she will call a competitor.
You can take orders even via emails or social networks. Be available for your customers by every possible way.

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