The Advantages of working as a Food Delivery Driver

most people think that working as a food delivery driver is boring and comes with a lot of troubles and only troubles but this is not the opinion of the people who are actually working as food delivery drivers. It is a super easy job if you like driving and it is easier if you want to work a part-time job that will allow you to make a lot of money. Let’s see the advantages of working as a food delivery driver.

1. Free food:
Of course it is not a rule at restaurants to give their staff free food but yet they do. Most restaurants give their staff the three daily meals so you will get free food all the time. What is better than free food? Nothing is better than free food.

2. Patience:
Among the hardest concepts to learn is the concept of being patient. This job will literally put this quality into you. Imagine that you are driving the vehicle and got stuck in traffic behind a school bus. You have to wait; there is no other solution. You have to wait and deliver this food to the people whatever what.

3. Tips:
The restaurant or the delivery services company that you work for will pay you well but it is not the only way that you will get paid with. A lot of people pay tips in this industry. When you deliver a meal to a customer, he/she will give you a tip. It will be an extra payment and you will make a lot of money out of it so you don’t have to worry about putting gas in your vehicle again.

4. People are good:
Well, of course not all people are good but most people in the food industry are good. You will find some clients complain about things that do not even exist yet you can excuse them as you don’t know what they have been through during their days. Most of the clients are nice and grateful that you bring their food home and they give you the tips with a big smile.
The staff you will work for just need to make their clients happy together with the owner of the business. No one will want to harm you or something as long as you keep focused on your work.
Some drivers call this business as the business that will restore your faith in humanity.

5. Music:
luxury to be the driver is in this small detail. When there is traffic or you have to drive for a long distance, just play your favorite music and relax. You will make it and deliver the food in time. If you like music, this job is the best for you. Imagine getting paid for driving a car while listening to music all the day. It is awesome.

6. The details of the city:
You will literally drive around the whole city. This job allows you to discover new places all the time.

How to Start a Restaurant Delivery Service Business?

Statics say that more than 60% of the total money we spend on the food is spent on foods outside our homes. This percentage increases with the new trends in the food industry. Trends like ready to eat meals and ready to heat meals are about to dominate our food culture.
Starting a restaurant delivery service business is also a trend in the industry so if you are about to open one, you need to know the following information well in order to start perfectly. Let’s see how to start this place.

1. Choose a perfect location:
The best location to open this kind of business is crowded, busy areas. Imagine a family of a working mother, a working father and a kid at high school. They don’t have time to cook so they will call your place and order food. These are the kind of customers that you will have; Customers that don’t have enough time to cook for themselves.


2. Build up relationships with different restaurants in the delivery area:
Having a partnership restaurant within 10 minutes’ drive of your delivery area is one of the best things to do. The customers need their meals immediately after ordering them so you can take the order and give it to a restaurant and then deliver it. Make sure not to exceed the 10 minutes’ drive area as you will spend most of the time driving this way so the food will get cold and your customers will not be satisfied.
Also build up your relationship with different restaurants. People will order different kinds of foods such as Italian, Mexican and Chinese. Make sure to cover as many cuisines as possible.

3. The delivery menu:
The previous point will help you a lot regarding this point. You menu should contain the prices of the meals in addition to the price of your delivery services. Make this clear to your customers that the price consists of the price of the meal and the price of your services not only the price of the meal in order not to think that he/she had been cheated by paying more.
Your price can be fixed or according to the destination or according to the distance. The fixed may underestimate your services so the best way to get paid according to the effort you will spend.

4. Market your services:
Leave some of your delivery menus at the restaurants that you do business with. This way you will gain more customers of the restaurant when they don’t want to eat at home or want to go out to eat.
Also you can make fliers, advertisement in the local newspaper, distribute your business cards to your people and ask them to tell their friends about your services.


5. Licenses:
You need to get a license called food handler’s license. You are part of the food industry so making sure that you are free of any diseases that can be transmitted through your breath or hands.
Also you may need a sales privilege license. It is not needed everywhere so make a phone call to your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them about the whole information about what they need.

How to Start a Lunchtime Delivery Food Service?

Do you like working in the food industry but you already work another job? Or do you need a part-time job that will make you earn a lot? Well, this job is to start a lunchtime delivery food service.
Let’s imagine your day at this job. You will prepare the food in the morning, deliver the orders after noon and you can go to your second job or do whatever you want.
Let’s see how to start a lunchtime delivery food service.

1. Licenses:
You need two licenses to be able to start your business; general business license and a food-vending license. Some areas require an additional license called a food-handling permit. Make sure to have all the licenses needed before starting to avoid being closed. Call the local department of licenses and ask them for all the information that you need. Also your local health department will give you all the information about the food-vending license and the food-handling permit.


2. Your location:
You will deliver meals but where are you going to prepare them? This question will be asked by the local department of health to make sure that you meet the standards. Typically, there are two places that you can use to start your business; commercial kitchen or at home.
Preparing and packaging your meals at home is not easy as it seems. The local department of health will order you to have a separate kitchen and bathroom for the business.

3. Insurance:
Imagine that someone got ill after a meal of yours and he decided to file a case against you. What will you do? This situation will happen; it is inevitable. Be safe and have a small business insurance policy to secure your business. Search for insurance companies that make good offers for small businesses and sign a policy that protects you and business completely.

4. Equipment and Supplies:
The following equipment and supplies are essential for your business.
• A vehicle. You can start with your vehicle if you have a good, large one. You can’t use a small vehicle as you will not have the proper space for your meals.
• Insulated containers. They will keep the food hot until you deliver it to your customers.
• Carrying devices. These will help you transport multiple meals from your vehicle to your customers.
• You need to build up a relationship between you and a lot of vendors. You will need to have a vendor to supply you with the food you need and vendors to supply you with condiments, packaging materials, napkins and paper towels, sanitation supplies and disposable eating utensils.

5. Marketing:
Put an advertisement in your local newspaper. Distribute some fliers, business cards, menus and discount coupons mainly on the companies and offices at your area.


6. Take orders:
It is essential to be available to take orders. Having at least one mobile phone for the business is essential as if a customer called and you didn’t reply, you will not just lose this customer but also he/she will call a competitor.
You can take orders even via emails or social networks. Be available for your customers by every possible way.